Old Mountain Cassie by @TonyaWrites #romance

From Amazon: Praise for Old Mountain Cassie: The Three Lessons “Prepare to fall in love with Cassie and be forever changed by her teachings.” “The novel is a treasure and delight.” “The story takes you on a journey and invites you to explore the secret to having your own amazing life. “I felt joy and excitement building inside me as I turned each page.” In the quaint Appalachian village of Divine, brooms sweep shop owners outside to trade tales of the latest Old Mountain Cassie sighting. Local lore claims Cassie holds the secret to a prosperous and joyous life…but only for seekers so destined. Lacey Jordan’s fascination to meet the mountain sage intensifies as she eavesdrops on the latest Cassie chatter swirling around her outside Holsom’s Market. And a mystified Lacey believes if she can spend time with Old Mountain Cassie, the confusion and chaos that have plagued her life will lift. What are these sacred and mystical lessons of Cassie’s that offer the keys to “living life amazing?” How will Lacey ever find the mountain recluse tucked away in the woods? Old Mountain Cassie: The Three Lessons is an inspiring, tell-all-your-friends celebration to read. Cassie and the folks of Divine offer a special recipe for an extraordinary life. A generous portion of humor, an extra helping of insight, and a taste of mystery and romance will leave readers both fulfilled and hungry for the next story served up Mountain Cassie style.

My Review: Astounding plus more! This book has been a truly astounding read for me. Honestly, if you need a good dose of faith in humanity, this book nails it. I believe this is the forth book I’ve read by this author and I must say it’s unique. I could write about the characters and such, but I want to convey more. If you don’t know what being in the “Now” is, you must add this book to your list. If you have doubts in life, read this book. If you need a dose of clarity, read this book. Five stars.

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