Love Blooms: A Firefighter Small Town Romance #romance #love

From Amazon: He’s an injured firefighter. She bakes the most delightful treats. When their worlds collide will the baker help heal the firefighter with a mix of blueberry muffins and her caring way? The elegant baker, Hannah Bell, has always lived on Bluestar Island with her family. While still grieving for her father, who died in a fire, she focuses all of her energy on making her dream come true—opening her very own bakery. But when a broken water pipe washes away her carefully laid plans, she’s on the verge of losing everything. New York firefighter Ethan Walker’s life is in a tailspin after he’s injured on-the-job. When an urgent call detours him to Bluestar Island, he agrees to help his lovable but meddlesome great-aunt. But organizing the island’s Spring Fling proves a lot harder than he originally imagined. He needs help…and fast. Under the magic of Bluestar Island’s sea breeze and warm sunshine, Hannah and Ethan must not only face their immediate obstacles but also their own turning points in life. Will they have to do that alone? With a leap of faith and a dash of romance, they might just find the perfect mix to make their dreams come true. Includes a delicious recipe for The Elegant Baker’s Blueberry Crumble Muffin!

My Review: This is the first book I’ve read by this author. Romance stories are rather special to me as I so love happily-ever-afters. Without giving away too many details, the male protagonist is a firefighter in Brooklyn. He hails from a long line of firefighters and there is an accident in which he was seriously burned. When his great aunt suffers a fall and must recover in Boston, he travels to her home on Bluestar Island to take care of Peaches, his aunt’s dog. Nightmares Co tinge but to a lesser degree. The female protagonist wants to have the bakery of her dreams, and things were going that way until water pipe breaks and opening the bakery seems impossible. You’ll have to read the rest to find out how those who in Bluestar help their own out when things happen. Five stars .

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