A Lighthouse Café #Christmas: A Second Chance Small Town #Romance

From Amazon: When Santa’s sleigh crashes into The Lighthouse Café, Bluestar’s beloved waitress is reunited with the one man who broke her heart. In this holiday novella, Darla Evans isn’t living the life she’d imagined, but she’s working to reinvent herself. However, when her ex-fiancé returns to the island, she knows there’s no avoiding the past. Tech entrepreneur, William “Will” Campbell, has returned to his childhood home to be the best man in his father’s holiday wedding. But first he has a very special task—to restore an antique sleigh in time for the wedding. However with Christmas Eve quickly approaching, he needs help. As snowflakes cover the small town of Bluestar, Will and Darla work together to create a special surprise for the bride. Yet with the past looming between them, will the magic of the season be enough to open their hearts and allow them to find love again? Includes a holiday recipe for Darla’s frosted sugar cookies!

My Review: What a sweet book! I love Christmas and this book was excellent, especially on Christmas Eve. One couple married, others had their lives, and another couple managed to move beyond their past hurts by simply talking. That is key to any relationship, honest talking. Being best friends is the perfect foundation upon building a married life. I have that with my husband. This is a perfect seasonal romance. Five stars.

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