Just Bea by Deborah Klee

From Amazon: Sometimes you have to stop trying to be like everyone else and just be yourself. Bea Stevens and Ryan O’Marley are in danger of falling through the cracks of their own lives; the only difference between them is that Bea doesn’t know it yet. When her world is shaken like a snow-globe, Bea has to do what she does best; adapt. Homeless man Ryan is the key to unlocking the mystery of her friend Declan’s disappearance but can she and Ryan trust one another enough to work together? As the pieces of her life settle in new and unexpected places, like the first fall of snow, Bea must make a choice: does she try to salvage who she was or embrace who she might become? Just Bea takes the reader on a heartwarming journey from the glamour of a West End store to the harsh reality of life on the streets and reminds us all that home really is where the heart is.

My Review: Tackles the hard to write stories. This is a book that mixes genres. Certainly, contemporary and there is romance, yet other issues are taken on in a rather informative manner, such as homelessness, and has been researched well. Not only touching, but angst is inserted in among various scenarios and it’s worth noting that the issues brought out in this novel will reach and all readers. Five stars.

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