Torched: Based on a True Story of Deception and Revenge

From Amazon: A book contract in hand from a publishing house, Constance Barnes has finally found her place in the writing world. Her public persona screams confidence and success, but behind closed doors, she’s a lonely woman still looking for Mr. Right. Mack Maiden, the owner of a lucrative pet store on the main street of Mill Lake, New Mexico, signaled into the fast lane of success at an early age. He should be happy with his life, but he’s missing the one thing he yearns for most—the love of a woman. Drawn together by their mutual loneliness, Constance and Mack find a new happiness together. Life is good, but Constance doesn’t see the plot twist headed straight toward her. It will be up to her and Mack to unravel the deception of one friend, and the revenge of another, before her book hits the bestseller list, and all hell breaks loose.

My Review: A new state, different world and ambiance of New Mexico sets the scene for this book by Mettner. By the way, Mettler has become my most favorite contemporary romance writer. Her books are delish. Back to this book, Mettler has two protagonists who are imperfectly perfect for each other. The nuances and hurdles to be over come, I leave for the next reader. I will say that Mettner wove into this story multiple murders in such a way that I thought she might stop writing happily ever afters, but she will keep writing love stories with complex characters and I will keep on reading them. Five gold stars!

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