My Beloved Son #ChildLoss

From Amazon: Oh, Son, I can feel your heartbeat when I’m lying in my bed, too many memories going around in my head. I can see you in my dreams, holding me, protecting me. You would text me every day, “I love you, Momma, it’s going to be alright.” MY BELOVED SON WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO? MY PRECIOUS SON WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME ALL ALONE? When you think life is calm, a storm comes to wipe away your hopes and dreams. My son, Rudy Andalon passed away on March 14, 2017. He was the love of my life; I carried for 9 months–280 days, 40 weeks, and raised him to be an amazing young man. There is no love greater than the love a mother has for her child. As I write this, tears roll down my cheek, tears of joy and sorrow. I miss him so much. I’ve written this book to help me and others who lost a child get through the aching pain burning inside, and to let you know you are not alone. This book is a memoir, inspirational, and a self-help guide. I’ve searched for answers to why God took my son, and there were none to be found; why good people die young, and the mean ones live on. All I know is Rudy’s in a place where there’s no pain, just happiness–an angel up in Heaven. He leaves behind a mother, father, sister, and two nieces. I will always be brokenhearted, and will always love and adore my son. God bless him.

My Review: Heart-rending. I knew what I was getting into before I read this story, yet I did not. Having lost to children of my own, I knew I would be reading about another mother who lost her child. That said, each child loss is different. Perez takes you on an honest journey of bits and pieces of her life, and her children and husband. I related with the alcoholic spouse. I related with wanting baby to love and give hugs to, who did the same back to me. I related to having been brought up in a dysfunctional family. I related to child loss and the feelings that come forth from that. My oldest strangled on his umbilical cord in utero. I was induced knowing my baby boy was already gone. My youngest had a horrid and painful cancer battle age five and that almost finished me. Perez lost her son abruptly and unexpected. It matters not the age of a child when they die. My boys never knew going to school, a first kiss, falling in love, learning to drive, graduation, marriage, children of their own, the list is endless. Perez son was age 37. One can take the slimmest comfort in having their child do all of those “firsts” that many children do not, and having their child for 37 years. This does not diminish or undercut the loss of her son. The pain doesn’t go away. We learn to go one minute, one hour at a time. I’m grateful to have got to know her son through this book. Five stars.

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