GoldenHeart: How to Love Humanity #inspire

From Amazon: GoldenHeart How to Love Humanity is an inspiration manual for how people love. This self-help book provides strategies for you to love yourself, others, and the world. You will explore the reasons for beliefs that foster self-hatred, discouragement, and deserted dreams. Through fun self-quizzes and activities, you will assess your strengths and develop a plan for who you want to be. Ample examples of kindness show you how to give and receive love in amazing ways. By developing an understanding of self-love and caring for others, you will gain a mindfulness that will guide you to your GoldenHeart so you can fulfill your loving purpose. Earn membership in the Fellowship of the GoldenHeart—which will challenge you to own your fabulous destiny. Every chapter of GoldenHeart How to Love Humanity has an optional, interdenominational companion Bible study that examines the same themes from a spiritual standpoint to help you expand love exponentially.

My Review: Wonderful book. This novel is inspiring, to say the least. Wonderful quotes, written with the love and compassion of Jesus. Read this book for greater understanding and empathy. Then follow that with 100 acts of kindness and change the lives of two people for the better. I am on that path now. Five golden heart stars.

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