Sugar’s Dance #romance #family #love

From Amazon: Sugar is facing the ten-year anniversary of the day she lost everything. Buried in grief, she’s worried this year the pain and darkness may take her too. The last thing she wants as that day approaches is an unexpected houseguest sent to protect her from a dangerous madman. Special Agent Donovan Walsh is looking for a change. His stint as a single father complete, he has too much time on his hands, and jumps at the chance to protect the new state witness in Minnesota. Little does he know that convincing a beautifully broken woman to trust him will be his hardest job yet. An attempt is made on Sugar’s life, and she must trust Van to lead her through a dangerous rumba of deceit, kidnapping, and murder. When the danger fades away and life returns to normal, there is one question Sugar has left to answer. Will Van be the one to heal her broken heart or shatter it beyond repair?

My Review: Sugar is a complex character and quite strong when she needs to be. That’s not a bad thing, unless one pushes themselves a bit too far without help. Family is the key. Mettner proves that in this book. Family does NOT mean only blood relations. Family includes non blood people such as best friends, surrogate mothers, siblings can be foster kids not related but grow up just like siblings and family. Family is love. That is the key. God bless Family. At one point, I was a little jealous about the wonderful characters who were, and are, Family for each other. I’ve never had that in my life. Oh, and disability due to prosthetics or for any reason is not handicapped but she has a disability or she wears oxygen, etcetera as people are not what you see first. I love happily ever afters as well.

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