Sea of Shadows

Book Title: Sea of Shadows

Series: Sea and Stone Chronicles, Book 2

Author: Amy Maroney

Publication Date: 12th April 2022

Publisher: Artelan Press

Page Length: 396 Pages

Genre: Historical suspense/romance

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Instagram Handles: @amymaroneywrites @coffeepotbookclub

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Book Title and Author Name

Sea of Shadows

(Sea and Stone Chronicles, Book 2)

By Amy Maroney


1459. A gifted woman artist. A ruthless Scottish privateer. And an audacious plan that throws them together—with dangerous consequences.

No one on the Greek island of Rhodes suspects Anica is responsible for her Venetian father’s exquisite portraits, least of all her wealthy fiancé. But her father’s vision is failing, and with every passing day it’s more difficult to conceal the truth.

When their secret is discovered by a powerful knight of the Order of St. John, Anica must act quickly to salvage her father’s honor and her own future. Desperate, she enlists the help of a fierce Scottish privateer named Drummond. Together, they craft a daring plan to restore her father’s sight.

There’s only one problem—she never imagined falling in love with her accomplice.

Before their plan can unfold, a shocking scandal involving the knights puts Anica’s entire family at risk. Her only hope is to turn to Drummond once again, defying her parents, her betrothed, even the Grand Master of the Knights himself. But can she survive the consequences?

With this captivating tale of passion, courage, and loyalty, Amy Maroney brings a lost, dazzling world to vivid life.

Sea of Shadows is Book 2 in a series of stand-alone historical novels packed with adventure and romance.

Excerpt 7 (742 words)

Summer, 1459

Rhodes Town

The port-side rowers pulled in their oars while the starboard oarsmen put the last bit of their strength into maneuvering the craft alongside the quay. As ropes flew and sailors swarmed over the galley, Drummond touched the amulet hanging from his neck, murmuring a prayer of thanks to Santa Maria for seeing them safely back to Rhodes.

A slight man with a closely trimmed beard and a fur-edged cloak hurried forward from the crowd of knights, servants-at-arms, and bureaucrats who stood assembled along the quay watching the boat tie up. He was followed by two guards leading a mule and cart.

“Did you secure it, Captain?” the man asked in French, stopping short in front of Drummond.

“Yes,” he said.

“All of it?” The man widened his eyes meaningfully.

“Yes,” he repeated, louder. Did the fellow think he was daft?

At Drummond’s signal, two sailors lugged a compact wooden chest forward, staggering with the effort, and deposited it at the Frenchman’s feet.

“To think such a small thing weighs so much,” the man observed with a satisfied little smirk.

Drummond shrugged, making no response.

“Any plunder of note on the return journey?”

Drummond’s hackles rose. He had retrieved the captives and gold he’d set out for; he had safely returned with none dead. And yet the Order still wanted more.

“I chose to hurry back rather than waste time and put more lives at risk by chasing random vessels at sea.”

“And the knights you transported?”

“They don’t have a scratch on them. The infidels treated their captives well, it seems.”

“As they should. We did the same for theirs. What message for the grand master?”

Drummond regarded the man steadily. “Lord de Milly asked me to personally deliver my report along with the captives. I’ll be up to the palace as soon as your guards load the chest into that cart. I’m sure the treasurer is expecting you.”

The man’s expression darkened. Without another word to Drummond, he signaled for the guards to come forward.

Watching the guards load the wooden box into the waiting mule cart, Drummond didn’t notice his silk-clad passenger appear at his elbow, a servant at his side.

“My gratitude for a safe journey, Captain Fordun,” the man said, inclining his head in thanks.

Drummond turned to face him. “Any time you need transport, sayyid, I’d gladly be of service. I’m often tasked with voyaging to Cyprus, and I’ve no doubt I’ll be called to journey to Alexandria again.”

The physician had traveled from Damascus, the city of his birth, to Alexandria, where he’d boarded Drummond’s vessel for the return journey to Rhodes. During snatches of conversation under the canvas shelter in calm weather, he’d told Drummond tales about the medical techniques of doctors in Damascus—stories that were almost too incredible to believe. He’d described observing and even participating in surgeries in which patients’ skulls were opened or their internal organs were repaired. The thought of a man undergoing such procedures and not only surviving but being cured seemed fantastical.

“I won’t forget the offer,” he replied. “And if you have an injury that needs attention, come to me.”

Drummond looked at him in surprise. “I’m just a privateer, sayyid.”

The doctor’s bearded face broke into a smile. “You have better manners than most of the high-ranking members of the Order, though. I can’t recall the last time a knight called me ‘sir’ in my own language. Here, I’m known as Signor Syriano or, more often, ‘the Syrian.’”

“I understand. Most people call me ‘the Scot,’” Drummond returned with a wry smile. “Thank you, but I hope I’ll never need to take you up on your offer.”

The Syrian’s expression grew contemplative. “You take great risks for the knights. You’re lucky to be alive, from what I hear.”

Drummond’s fingers flew to his amulet again. “Santa Maria has been generous.”

“May she ever be so.” The doctor fumbled in his purse and withdrew a length of black silk embroidered in white with the eight-pointed cross of the Knights Hospitaller. He slipped it around his neck. “You’ve your amulet to keep you safe; I’ve my mantle.”

“These streets aren’t always friendly to your kind,” Drummond acknowledged. “For my part, I sometimes wear robes in the Arab style when I’m in Alexandria and Damascus. Why court trouble if you can avoid it?”

“Trouble will find us no matter how well we prepare,” the doctor said softly. “Good day.”

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Amy Maroney studied English Literature at Boston University and worked for many years as a writer and editor of nonfiction. She lives in Oregon, U.S.A. with her family. When she’s not diving down research rabbit holes, she enjoys hiking, dancing, traveling, and reading. Amy is the author of The Miramonde Series, an award-winning historical fiction trilogy about a Renaissance-era female artist and the modern-day scholar on her trail. Her new historical suspense/romance series, Sea and Stone Chronicles, is set in medieval Rhodes and Cyprus.

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