Ultimate Love #romance

From Amazon: How much are you willing to trust someone you love? Eve Calderone has been married to Boyd for forty-two years and is grateful for the many gifts in their lives: good health, loving children and grandchildren, dear friends, a beautiful home, and a flourishing family business. But their blissful marriage is shaken when they meet Peter Murray . . . because it doesn’t take long to discover he’s the son Boyd never knew he had. Boyd’s stubborn insistence to bond with his surprise son ignites a transformation in him Eve is entirely unprepared for. She can’t help but question how his unexpected behavior and impulsive decisions will affect her and alter her family’s identity. And after decades of a loving relationship, she wonders how much she really knows her husband. Ultimate Love is Book 6 in the Calderone Family Romance series. This poignant seasoned romance weaves past incidents with present-day events to journey through the depths of heartache and trust, responsibility and commitment, forgiveness and ultimate love.

My Review: The Calderone family – they are rather “epic” as Jamie would say. This book completes the series in a romantic and magnificent manner befitting the Calderone name. That name will stay with me for quite some time to come. Pain, heartache, misunderstandings, and fear mixed in with all the ginormous love the family has for each other, and reading how books one through five came about, makes fir a don’t miss romance. Five shiny gold stars.

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