Fresh Start-Off #Christian

From Amazon: It would be recalcitrant and wayward for anyone to claim to be scholarly and well-read in today’s world if they lack familiarity with the tenets and principles of the bible. The divinely inspired book that was handed over to mankind is an eyewitness account of historical events of inconceivable and unimaginable nature which are beyond the realm of reason.“Fresh Start-off: The Great Themes of Scripture” is the first and one of a kind that has meticulously and minutely studied, sifted, and dissected the bible teachings and is a remarkable piece of writing that contains a message as its very core that is relevant to your everyday life and provides clear teachings of God, life, nature of humankind, our heart desires, fate and destiny, the value and worth of everyone and the goodness of the glory of God. All said and done, Jesus is the only religious leader who conquered death and rose from the dead. All the rest are dead and buried. Moses is dead, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are all dead. Buddha is dead, Mohammed died and will not come back again and even Muslims adulate and hold Jesus in awe as a truly Holy and an Extraordinary Prophet. This page-turner is not only for those walking newly in Christ, but is also for the battle-scarred Christians who want to gain new insights, arouse, evoke and even seek to reassess their knowledge of Jesus Christ after reading it.

My Review: Is God in your life? Have you read the Bible? If you have read the Bible, did you understand what you read? One good way is to cross-reference what you read. Another good way is to buy a book such as this one, then read the words and what is being said and explained within these pages. If you’re not with Him, then you are against Him. God was, is, and will always be. This book enables one to understand scripture and one’s self. Looking within, is a great start on your path in life. Stay true. I’m with God, are you? Five stars.

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