Hag of the Hills #Celtic #Druids

From Amazon: “Nothing is unconquerable; even our gods can die.” Brennus is destined from birth to become a warrior, despite his farmer’s life. But when the Hillmen kill his family and annihilate his clan, he now has the opportunity to avenge those who he loved. Brennus must survive endless hordes of invading Hillmen and magic-wielding sidhe, aided by only a band of shifty mercenaries, and an ancient bronze sword. Failure means his family and clan go unavenged. Victory will bring glory to Brennus and his ancestors. Hag of the Hills is a heroic fantasy novel set in 200 B.C. on the Isle of Skye, steeped in Celtic mythology and culture.

My Review: I found this book to be an awesome tale of a time in the past before history was recorded. If you like sword battles, Celts, Druids, Hillman, sworn oaths, and such this novel is for you. Celtic mythology at its best. The story as old as can be, the life hard lived, honor was honored as best can be, lives forever changed and evolving. This is not my normal read, but I was attracted to this story first due to my Irish ancestry and thus I read it. Obviously, once you read it, things don’t end how one may wish, but things do inevitably end one way or another. Five stars.

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