Broken by Ivy Logan #supernatural

From Amazon: Book I of The Breach Chronicles BROKEN BUT NOT LOST
The dark shadow cast by an ancient prophecy shatters an innocent family, but all that is broken is not lost and will rise again. Half-blood sorceress, Talia, had a unique childhood. Instructed in combat skills and trained to escape detection, she was schooled to face an unknown menace. Yet, when her family’s worst nightmare comes to pass, Talia finds her protected life spinning out of control. Everything she believes in, and everyone she loves, is cruelly snatched away. Talia is forced to flee the attentions of a mad king and denied her supernatural legacy. She chooses the path of retribution, devoid of love and friendship, but learns that sometimes love is received even if not sought. Broken is a tale about Talia’s coming of age, reuniting with her family and seeking vengeance. Most of all it chronicles Talia’s rise from the ashes and her journey into finding herself again. Read Talia’s epic saga of love, sacrifice, friendship, and discovering the hero within set against a background of time travel and supernatural forces.

My Review: Wow! What a book! Never have I read any book like this one. Love conquers but it’s not without pain and strife, endurance and perseverance. Add to this mix a place with other fantasy realms and creatures and those who think a woman belongs to him as a crazed king, and the men who love their women, the women who love their men and children, tons of torn sacrifices, magical and real life, dragons and swords, daggers and more, this story is for anyone age 14 up. Despite what I wrote above, this book is a clean story suitable for age 14 and up. I write age 14 but if a 12 year-old has a strong vocabulary, then this story is for them as well. Five gold stars.

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