The Complexities of Love #LGBTQ

From Amazon: Mark Cooney grows up aware that there is something different about him and hopes that his parents will never find out. Mark’s best friend Dave disappeared when he was thirteen and returned ten years later. Mark became more and more vulnerable as they got closer. It came with a price. Tormented by his inner demons and refusing to be controlled by anyone, Dave reveals a secret that he has kept since childhood, which leads to a terrible misunderstanding that will have grave consequences for Mark and his family. The Complexities of Love is a coming-of-age story about Mark as he confronts the truth about his family and his identity. All he yearns for is for Dave to return his love, but will that happen, or will he find someone else?

My Review: This is a must read book for those inclined to read about events and social/personal situations of the LGBT community. I related with the main characters homelife as mine was abusive. As a teenager, he had normal fears and anxiety that teens do compounded by not being a heterosexual person. Kids can be and are cruel. No one knows anything about another person, no matter how close a sibling or friend, because if you haven’t LIVED it, you will NOT know it. Free. Perfect ending.

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