Milo Learns Mindfulness #kidlit

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From Amazon: Milo Learns Mindfulness, is the third academic coloring book in the series. It serves as an interactive, noninvasive academic workbook on the mindful concept. It is designed to be used as a guided instruction tool or independent learning- educator approved for ages 7- 12. Included are academic application of mindfulness practices, coloring page affirmations, engaging vocabulary, journal prompts and much more. The Milo the Doodle Cat series books are one of a kind in children’s books publishing. Each book consists of unique adventures coupled with vocabulary words and discussion questions. The pages are left uncolored so that children may color them, immersing their individual creativity with the story. From the beginning, the Milo the Doodle Cat series doubles up creativity and learning in one space. Using her education background and experience with art therapy, April chose to create a unique stance with these children’s books.

My Review: Milo is a Doodle Cat and his friend Lex tore up his favorite toy – a ball of yarn by accident. Milo yelled at Lex and Mr. Owl heard the commotion. Mr. Owl got Milo and Lex to learn about taking responsibility for both actions and reactions. This book is more than my previous words as it goes more in depth on thoughts and feelings and mire. Children can color with crayon or colored pencils all of the drawings in this book and kids are encouraged to answer questions, draw their own doodles, and write down their own thoughts and feelings. Five shiny gold stars.

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