A Christmas at Gingerbread Falls #romance

From Amazon: Actress Carrie Murray’s films are a Christmas lover’s delight. Filled with twinkling lights, festive carols, and happy endings, they’re the perfect escape from reality—for her and the audience. Then Tinseltown calls. Braxton Timothy is Hollywood’s biggest action star. Handsome and talented but decidedly on the naughty list, no one can fathom his sudden desire to produce a feel-good Christmas movie—least of all, his no-name co-star. Alternating between scenes reminiscent of everyone’s favorite made-for-TV movies and unexpected, off-screen chemistry, Gingerbread Falls has surprises in store this holiday season. The question is, will there be enough Christmas magic to convince two imperfect people that they’re perfect for each other? ♥ This “sweet as a Christmas cookie” romance (bestselling author Heidi Swain) includes an original recipe for Maple Glazed Gingerbread Scones.

My Review: I. Loved. This. Book. Okay, let me make myself clear: I truly loved this Christmas romance book by Mettner. Christmas time is a special time of year and having a setting in small town, North Dakota, USA makes it more special as everyone helps each other out as small towns often do. Carrie and Brax are perfectly imperfect. Both have many emotional and mental scars and both have physical scars, one due to a home accident, the other inflicted upon her for 13 long years. That resonated with me as I bear all the same scars and more, and when Carrie was insecure, I was as well. I understood her deeply. The twist of part of the novel being acted out on set and part written as real life was a nice change from the more usual romance reads. Five shiny gold stars!!

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