Dirty Air #Murder

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From Amazon: Crossing the finish line from the dark side of the track can make it hard to find the winner’s circle. The adrenaline rush is real. So is the danger. Stock car or modified. Track or street. One can make you famous… the other can make you dead. Tony “Razzman” Razzolito is in way over his head as he works to solve the most challenging case of his career. An up-and-coming NASCAR driver is found shot to death in an alley in uptown Charlotte. When the widow of the victim asks Tony and his partner at McHenry Investigative Services to find out why her husband was killed, the Razzman gets a quick education in a sport he knows nothing about. His investigation soon leads him to the world of illegal street racing where he tangles with a crew led by a maniac that doesn’t like to lose. Mix in a healthy dose of tension between Tony and a certain Homicide Detective assigned to the case and tempers as well as egos are bound to get in the way.

My Review: This was a unique murder mystery read for me. Having NASCAR in the mix was nice as my hubby and go to races. Talking gear head is our norm, along with mist any sci-fi. This is the first book I’ve read by Joe Congel. Congel wove this story tight and added in joking and romance. That leaves murder. Who murdered the first guy? I have some theories. I did not see the gangland mob type executions near the end. To find out more, read this book.

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