A Mother’s Deceit

From Amazon: 1841: Mary Cooper dreams of escaping her mundane life in a small Norfolk farming community. Until a mysterious stranger takes over the village inn. John Cozen will change her life forever. His rugged good looks cause a stir in the sleepy village and it is love at first sight for the beautiful, young couple. Their future appears to be perfect. It will not be. To her distress, Mary finds that there are three people in the marriage. Jack, a local farmer, had his eye on Mary before John arrived on the scene but failed to make his move. He is determined to come between the happy couple. How far will Jack go to win the woman he lusts after?

My Review: Times were hard in the 1800s. The times of the 1900s and 2000s not much better in many ways. However this book covers two different times in a woman’s life in the 1800s. Life was a different kind of struggle, but love was found by many. Not for one man, though, for he never found romantic love, yet he knew the love of his three children. The actions of those in this story speak of taking the blame of wrong actions upon themselves.

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