Unprecedented Times: Book One (Alternative History Trilogy 1)Unprecedented Times: Book One

From Amazon:

The world is changed.

The pandemic spread, the death toll rose and nations banded together to combat the biggest biological threat since the Black Plague. Now, a fragile balance holds further tragedy at bay.

In this alternate history, follow the spread of the virus through the eyes of four characters, as they desperately seek a path towards a better future. At the W.H.O, Clara, a would-be scientist and faithful assistant to Dr. Vicente (the Director-General) works tirelessly to alter humanity’s course. Meanwhile, Clara’s twin sister Rosa, along with her police officer fiancé Ben, fight to survive in a world far darker than it once was.

How far will people go to survive? Will we risk losing our humanity, for the sake of humanity?

Either way, millions will die in these unprecedented times…
Set across two timelines, this covid-fiction, sci-fi-dystopian story contains elements of comedy and romance

Unprecedented Times is a fact-meets-fiction story that includes genuine references and statistics from the COVID-19 pandemic (all referenced).

£2.00 of every book sale is donated to the “COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the WHO”

My Review:

Thomas has written a stark enlightenment about Covid-19 with some futuristic elements that gave me cause to ponder. I’m in the medical world, thus I get the medical parts easily. Thomas tossed into this mix a world of pronounced loss of life due to Covid-19 and a world high with futuristic gadgets and a way of living for those who test positive with zero symptoms. In reality, at this time, we are still in the pandemic phase of this virus. I’m praying we transition into an endemic phase by June 2023. Back in 2020, I had thought we’d be in the endemic phase by June 2022, but that changed when Omicron hit, and each mutation. But this book is not about my thoughts and thinking, my tracking and analysis, it’s about Thomas being able to extract facts and statistics, and incorporate those facts into a highly readable novel full of emotional thoughts and sorrow. Unprecedented Times hit close to my heart. Five shiny stars. Thomas is brilliant in this book!

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