Broken Rhodes 

From Amazon: Kinsley Rhodes blows into Harlow, Kansas like a tornado, twisting Sheriff Lincoln James’ life into knots. Her grandfather has been murdered and she wants answers. As if the town’s first homicide in twenty years wasn’t enough, the beleaguered sheriff now has to deal with Henry Rhodes’ bobcat of a granddaughter, plunging his life deeper into chaos. As a dark storm threatens, long-held secrets are exposed, placing Kinsley directly in harm’s way. In a race against time, Lincoln’s prime objective is to discover the killer’s identity before Miss Rhodes becomes the next victim…

My Review: *Trigger Alert* Silver has a wonderfully woven novel with the right mix of small town USA, romance, angst, murder, and more in this story. The characters are detailed down to the underlying psyche of more than one loose cannon. Usually, small towns mean that everyone knows everyone else’s business, and the towns rumor mill functions expertly. I did, and do, hurt for the women, and the man beaten with one losing his life. I hurt for the women who’d been assaulted. It’s one thing to read a book blurb and feel okay reading it, and another thing to have story full of triggers. I think the author will add an asterisk and write the triggers so that women who can’t deal with triggers, don’t read it. Literary wise, this book is well written, truly, which was nice. Five shiny gold stars.

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