The Artist #romance #NewYork

From Amazon:

His drawings captured her heart and soul

Is it true love if one needs to find an escape? Helen’s forthcoming marriage to Howard has caused her to seek some time alone to reflect on her life. Traveling from her home in New York City to Hydeport, Long Island, this holiday destination of her youth is the perfect place to hide. The Great War is over. Adoring crowds have sought their return to the amusement park and boardwalk so cherished from her childhood. Yet solitude to sort through her troubled thoughts proves elusive.

Should she marry Howard despite not being in love with him? Are the wishes of her parents and demand of proper society too great to ignore?

Meeting Edward, a handsome young artist on the boardwalk, Helen is convinced his portraits of her have captured her true essence. His shy endearing presence stirs feelings of love inside her. In truth, what he also has captured . . . is her heart.

My Review:

This book speaks volumes without the need for even one additional word. The romance of two who are entwined and each the other’s half blend seamlessly in the narrative. Take a trip back in time to just after the Great War and live vicariously through the lives of the privileged, the poor, the vision of artists, and the sights and sounds of New York City and a lovely pier along a bay outside of the city. Meet the people who matter, not just the rich, but everyone as each and every single person matters! Five stars.

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