Mirror of Fate: House of Shadow Raven

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From Amazon:

Demons walk the lands, searching for the next soul to devour. For years, light witches have fought to protect the innocence of mythical creatures, but the magical elements are out of balance, and benevolent covens are becoming extinct.

Maura finds a mentor in Sage, a light witch from House of Ashburn, who can help reinforce Maura’s light magic and hold back the darkness plaguing the kingdoms. Together, the two must uncover a spell to stop the dark forces before the blood moon rises in three days. Can Maura and Sage uncover the spell in time before the light is extinguished forever?

My Review:

Wow. What a narrative in this book filled with all things light and dark witch, coven aplenty, a sinister Princess of the darkness below, necromancer, half fae, Druids, and familiar aplenty as well, and more! All of this is mixed in with a young 17 year old half light witch trying to save who she can even though she doesn’t come into her own yet. The book ends in a cliff hanger so you will want to read the next book in this series. Five stars.

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