London: More Street Scenes From the 1880s

These are awesome!


I found some more! I hope you are not bored with these yet?
All of these photos were taken between 1880 and 1889, when Victoria was still The Queen.
(Some can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

An early electric car in Lower Regent Street. You can see the chauffeur and footman in the front, and the very rich owners enjoying the ride in the back.

A policeman directing traffic under Ludgate Viaduct.

A busy morning outside Charing Cross Station.

The Aldgate Pump, East London. A source of fresh water for local people.

Harrods, the famous department store.

Islington High Street. The horse-drawn tram is running on tracks in the road.

The busy junction outside Kings Cross Station.

The Royal Courts Of Justice. They look just the same today.

Customers and children pose outside the Old King’s Head pub, St Pancras.

Threadneedle Street, close to The Bank Of England.


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