Genevine’s Faith #dystopian #suspense


From Amazon: IT BEGAN WITH THE GOVERNMENT ABANDONING THEM, LEAVING THEM FOR DEAD. Now a leader, war is all she knows. However, life had taken a swing for the worse. Secrets are rising, and untold truths are unfolding. Her faith has faded, and darkness is taking over. Gena fights to discover the truth, opening doors that can’t be shut. When a new battle begins between Heaven and Hell, Gena learns who she is and that there’s a darkness rising within. Is she afraid of the dark? What if the monsters inside her were set free? How safe would this world be, then? New dangers rise in the shadows of hope. Will they be the end of her or is she their greatest threat? It will keep you on the edge of your seat, leaving you wanting more.

My Review: This is an exceptional novel written most creatively; a true dystopian with touches of both Heaven and hell. Gene is a strong female and she her family, blood kin or not. Gene does what she must to keep her family safe and includes wars, stealing, killing, most anything one can imagine after Earth is hit with a virus that killed at will, leaving the living to do their best to make a life out of almost nothing. Weather variances, and traveling to multiple Earth’s in which no two are alike. I can see this book become a movie. Five stars.

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