Metamorphosis : The Girl With No Face

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From Amazon:

“When you loved someone more than anything in the world, you showed them who you were, even knowing there was a possibility they would hate you for it, even if it broke your heart. But you did it anyway because you loved them and the need to save them was greater than your need for self-preservation.”

Amidst the luminescence and incandescent beauty of the rare pink diamonds of Peradora, South America, lives Amelia, a teen oblivious to her supernatural bloodline. It would appear that she has the perfect life.

Until it turns out, her entire life is a lie
Forced to confront secrets from her past

Amelia has to distinguish between the truth and lies in her brutal fight against the Peradorian dictator, her own uncle.

Her metamorphosis becomes the clarion call of a revolution
Matters of the heart complicate her life further

Will she ever get over her first love Adrian whose adventurous spirit made her feel alive? Is Noah, the handsome bodyguard she just can’t seem to ignore, a foe, a friend or much more than that?

Both Noah and Adrian are hiding secrets of their own
Will their secrets destroy Amelia?

As she takes on the fight of her life, Amelia will soon learn that some secrets are best buried in the past, and some truths can set you free.

And in the end
She is the girl with no face
Will she find herself again?

My Review:

The strength and tenacity of a woman or part human can’t be matched when one is protecting their friends and family. To read about more than one woman coming into her own, and finding her own along the way, in the midst of turmoil, tossed in with a savage uncle, is for starters. Pink blood diamonds mined by the weak and poor in a society that isn’t helped when government and drug cartels are mixed into this same pot and nothing is done about those chosen to mine diamonds. A woman who loves fiercely, fights fiercely, and can be a leader among many. Shape shifting the first time can be quite painful and not who the human may choose, yet with time, even shape shifting at ease comes to pass. The people at the top are usually the first one’s to care more about diamonds than a miner’s welfare, and treachery comes calling whenever it fits into the narrative and meshes in perfection. Five stars.

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