Secrets and Lies #murder #love

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From Amazon: Secrets and Lies – Secrets and lies bind three women together. Jenna, the beautiful yet fragile wife of the heir to the Montgomery fortune. Bridget, the wily housekeeper who carries out her duties with diligence and guile. Lucy, the jewellery designer living an almost reclusive life. ~ Oak Ridge is the mansion where the heinous Montgomery family reside. A place where subterfuge, blackmail and murder have become the order of the day. Challenging the Montgomery family is never an option – defeating them impossible. All three women are forced to take them on. But only one of them is confident of victory because she’s watched and learned from the masters themselves.

My Review: This was a mind-bending romance novel with twists and turns in every chapter. True love prevails yet so does murder and suicide. Oftentimes, a man will grab a woman when she is vulnerable, and those men are users and evil. All in all, a truly twisty romance with bits of evil tossed in for good measure.

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