Where the Trail Ends #suicide

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From Amazon: In December of 2016, Kenneth Louis Suttner shot himself with his father’s handgun after enduring relentless bullying. This memoir takes a look into his life, the circumstances surrounding his death, and the bullycide that made headlines across the nation. Written by his mother, Angela Suttner has now dedicated her life to spreading awareness on both suicide and bullying prevention as well as advocating for kindness and acceptance in the school and workplace. It is her hope that this book offers a glimpse into the fatal effects bullying can cause in addition to honoring Kenny’s life through prose.

My Review: This book hit home with me. I was bullied by other kids in the 60s and not one thing done. With the advent of social media, bullies are able to hide behind a screen and bully at will. Fake accounts contribute to even more bullying. The cruelty kids and adults inflict on others is nuts. Kenny was and is a beautiful soul. I wrote a picture book for early readers on bullies and have read that book in preschools and lower grades. My middle son was bullied by many, and I did all I could to stem the vile flow of words. My son is now 39. He lives. But his brothers do not. Shane was strangled on his cord before birth. Sammy died after a horrid cancer battle age five years. The age or cause of death matters not to a parent. The loss is the King of Loss.

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