Teenager en Provence: A relocation memoir

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From Amazon: Anne’s father announces his plans to move to the South of France during her school summer holidays, where she will finish her education in an International College. His relocation dream come true. Her worst nightmare. Just 15, she discovers a new world in Cannes that she learns to love, mixing with teenagers from all over the world. Suddenly the move doesn’t seem so bad. A year later, exams over, she finds herself in a caravan in the middle of a vineyard in the valley of Bargemon in the Var mountains, with only her parents and brother for company. Nothing but two years in a French secretarial college of a nearby town to look forward to. The nightmare has returned. This amusing travel memoir recounts the ups and downs of family life as they adapt to their new world, building a home out of an old sheep shed. A relocation story with a twist. Sink or swim?

My Review: This book covers a three year period in which a young girl and her family move from Jersy to Provence. The degree of change is felt by the protagonist and largely anger this girl, yet over enough time, enjoyable things and having new friends helped in making the three year change work in a never ending monolog for the most part.

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