The Mansion at Peacock Gully

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From Amazon: An inspired Chef weaves a story of a Visionary Restaurant Owner who goes missing two days before the Grand Opening of his Resort style Mexican Restaurant on the Sacramento River. The former School Teacher uses ‘creative financing’ and catches a dream to open and renovate an Abandoned Mansion to recreate a Restaurant from his Childhood on a Picturesque piece of property surrounded by Eucalyptus and Black Walnut Trees. The Mansion is haunted by ghosts and surrounded by Peacocks. But, in the end, Henry has to answer for his own villainy. Murder, Stolen Dreams, Yaqui Indians, Psychics, Bounty Hunters, and Deaf Cats with Wonderful Exotic sounding Food that you can practically smell and taste coming from the pages. Based on a True Story.

My Review: This story was riveting to me as sequences went both slow and fast and one must keep up with the side story bits. It does come to an ending, but one with questions, too. Overall, this book is based on a true story and, as such, knowing that fact is enough to want to read this book.

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