A Mother’s Loss

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From Amazon:

Two women share a loss no mother should have to bear, connected across time.

Present day: Liz Stamford uproots her family to the Norfolk countryside to escape a traumatic loss. Their new house, a renovated pub, holds a ghostly secret from the past. Liz tunes into those memories; uncovering a loss which tethers a young girl into the fabric of her new home. Grief drives Liz to solve the mystery of the girl in her dreams who cannot rest in peace.

1860: Sarah Whiting lives with her mother and siblings in the Crown and Hare pub. One night she is attacked by her stepfather. The consequences of his actions lead to heartbreak and scandal for the family.

Can Liz discover what dreadful events haunt her new home? Can she solve the mystery and bring peace to Sarah?

My Review:

This is a heart-rending story of love and loss, and connecting two different time periods together. Plenty of strife, sadness, abuse, and love. A mother’s love is the backbone of a child’s life. Unfortunately, repeated, incestuous rape brings on pregnancy, unwanted yet birthed. Drastic changes happen with all in both timelines. This book touched me deeply.

Note: Triggers for those who’ve been sexually assaulted.

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