Odin’s Tillit

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From Amazon:

Fox was twelve when he faked his own death to escape his father Dagr and his precious tugboat, Odin’s Tillit. Cloaked in an identity produced from the inside of a tobacco can, he has become a glorified drug mule for Texas lawman Sheriff J. J. Raskin.

Sixteen-year-old Ren is at the helm of Odin’s Tillit, pushing rafts of logs and helping the sheriff make his problems disappear. Obligation, destiny, and Odin’s Tillit are bloodying the waters of British Columbia’s Arrow Lakes.

Fox and Ren know better, want better, but they cannot escape the clutches of the incorrigible or incorporeal forces around them.

As the principals come together, the past threatens to destroy Fox and Ren, even as the sheriff seeks to eliminate them. What does fate have in store for them? Only Odin’s Tillit knows.

My Review:

Captivating for sure. Life on a tugboat? Times changes often as the story unfolds, and you will amaze your brain as you read. I can easily visualize a movie or short TV series with this one.

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