Elwyn’s Blanket #PictureBook

Book Link

From Amazon:

Elwyn escapes reality by entering another world through her magical blanket. In this blue realm, her plush pup comes to life and they have colorful adventures. There are mystical creatures to go visit and discover. Everyone is invited to the queen’s feast except for one unwelcomed monster. In the end, Elwyn finds out this unwanted monster is the key to heal her broken heart. Learn about family, love and loss in this picturebook through rhyme.

My Review:

Napolitano has written and illustrated an adorable picture book for kids. Includes lovely rhymes and the graphics are bright. The MC is a young girl who has adventures after bedtime. Under her blanket is a magical realm of creatures and lessons on being kind, even to a monster, creates a beautiful friendship. Five shiny gold stars.

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