Maker’s Fire #supernatural

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From Amazon:

Hattie and Marie Drake have led a sheltered life for more than six hundred years. Hattie helps solve a ghost problem at one of the local Hollywood film studios, and decides she likes the adventure. She puts up an online website advertising her new paranormal detective agency. When a young woman calls Hattie and tells her that something is trying to kill her, the sisters decide they will help. Little do they know there is more to the story than either the woman or they could have ever imagined. Their world explodes in more ways than one as Marie hires a group of six former Marines to protect them. It is not enough. Tiffee uses present-day Hollywood to create a new twist to the legend of the first vampire.

My Review:

Jasso has written a paranormal thriller unlike any other book of this nature I’ve read in the past. All of the “abilities” some characters have complements in helping to keep one another safe. The drastic measures taken to prevent the killing death creature outside the home fails. If you want to find out what the creature wants and the remarkable lives of those within the home, then read this novel.

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