(His)Story of Women

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(His)Story of Women investigates the origins and consequences of the objectification of women to further explain the importance of the empowerment of women to modern societies. As far as we can remember, women and girls were victims of all sorts of abuse, and this is still the case today in spite of decades of struggle for the defense of women’s rights. Why is it so? Just because we are females!!??? Aren’t we human beings, just like boys and men? Don’t we deserve the same rights, the same respect, and privileges? The causes and consequences of gender inequality are extremely complex and identify important issues that require knowledge and skills drawn from different disciplines: genetics, anthropology, sociology, biology, history, economics… The quest is fascinating. The key issues in this book are: 1) to demonstrate, mostly thanks to genetics, anthropology and primatology that women are not intrinsically inferior to men; 2) to explain the historical and social constraints that led to the domination of women by men and their objectification; 3) to insist on the fact that patriarchy depends on the confinement and marginalization of women; 4) last but not least, to demonstrate that women’s empowerment isn’t just about ethics and justice, but also is an essential contribution to the stability and the security of our modern societies. Indeed, considering the various issues posed by globalization, climate change, the demographic explosion… our societies do and will need every skill, creative talent and workforce to meet the challenges ahead. They cannot afford to discriminate against 50% of their population any longer! I am convinced that women’s rights are much more important than we sometimes tend to think and it is not just about ethics and justice! It is not just a fight against discrimination: it’s a key issue that might determine the resilience of society! Indeed, giving women and girls equal access to education, equal job opportunities and equal wages, as well as protecting their safety and rights; will without any doubt stimulate production, innovation, and performance. Moreover, since they are generally more caring and less aggressive than men, giving equal responsibilities to women will help reduce conflicts and improve governance. If women’s empowerment is a question of justice, it’s also a key strategic issue which will determine the future of Mankind.

My Review:

This books explains the history of women throughout time. As such, women are still finding it hard to break glass ceilings, and more. Equality among men and women doing the same work, same quality of work, yet women receive less pay. Anything and everything that happens to a woman in each parcel of towns and countries, cities and rual areas are due to women being weak or causing their own hardship. The world can do better. Should the world do better, we might save planet Earth!

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