Bereft #poetry M. A. Quigley

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In the 1970s, a lovesick white girl just out of college sees a colored man she used to know on the beach. They aren’t meant to be with one another, but her parents find them and whisk her away. The girl and the man meet again, and their passion is reignited. They fall in love. Her parents want her to marry a farmer and organize a date, but the girl has other ideas. Despite what her parents think, she sees no age limit or color, only love.

My Review:

This book is one of, if not the best, poetry books I’ve read. The book is one long poem broken down into usable and delightful stanzas. I felt like I was hit with young love again, yet here that young love was told, no more. You can’t be together. Or he’s not right for you. It mattered not their station in life, and life, as always, comes to an end. Before that end is the middle, and such evocative words written, happy and gut wrenching both. Five stars.

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