The Last Forest

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From Amazon:

From the furthest dunes and the edges of night – Comes a tale of determination, bravery and compassion!
Derwin isn’t strong, cool, or even popular. And she definitely doesn’t believe in herself.
Until fate transports her to a broken and desolate dystopian world.
A world where technology is the rift that divides humanity.

To survive she must find a bravery and strength she didn’t know she had.
She must win the hearts and minds of strangers.
And, finally she must vanquish an age-old hatred rooted in the land.
If she fails, the last forest and all of humanity will fall to dust, forgotten forever.

My Review:

Wow. What a story. If you like time travel and are not afraid to go on adventures, then this book is for you. The book brings together the current time and time far into the future where two groups lived, the Foresters and the Wastelanders. I won’t give away the adventures, but I think the Grand Canyon is the setting from ultimate survival due to a mega storm of a hurricane that lasted for days and united both groups as only trials and tribulations have a way of doing.

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