The Vampire Society: Christopher and Gaspar, Book Two

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From Amazon:

This is the second installation of “The Vampire Society: Christopher and Gaspar”, an emotional and psychological roller coaster with evil at the controls. Dreams become prevalent and beliefs turn to extremes as a tide of evil threatens to annihilate Chris’s and Gaspar’s chance at an eternal loving union.

Before being born, Chris was Chosen to become a vampire. When he neared the physical age of his protector, a dangerously sexy vampire named Gaspar, Chris was ever more eager to embrace his fate. The transition begins, but his father’s intense hatred of vampires is a gate Chris must pass through.

Radu, a mere bastard on his good nights but thoroughly treacherous even by vampire standards, coerces his coven to enact revenge on Gaspar and take Chris for himself. Their method: manipulate the hate within Chris’s father to set the couple’s families against each other. Radu is the malevolent puppet master pulling the strings of all humans and vampires beneath him. And for extra thrills, he will throw in a good dose of malicious violence.

Is no one safe from Radu’s wickedness? How will Chris and Gaspar protect themselves and all their loved ones? If one uncanny ebony rose could get its way, it would cover the world in glittering love. But what can one rose really do?

My Review:

This book is definitely vampire, mostly the love that vampires give to their mate. Male with female, male with male, and female with female. One faction of the vampires are a demonic cult under Radu. The good vampires are under Zenith, who is good. Christopher is a human male bonded to Gaspar since his creation. Tom, human male and Christopher’s father resents the intrusiveness of the vampires despite knowing very little about them. I leave the to find out for themselves the fate of each character.

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