Of All That I Could Be! #kidlit

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From Amazon:

Every child, at one time or another, has imagined being this creature or that. Of All That I Could Be! enables a child to pretend what life might be like as something else’s. But, in the end, the message is clear, there is nothing more worthwhile than being ME

My Review:

This book is delightful! The power of a child’s mind will expand each new wish taught about more animals, flora and fauna, and children can learn and have safe and fun adventures. The illustrations fit in nicely. If you use a reading application on your phone, then this is not a book for you due to small text size. On a tablet or pc would best show not only the words, but the artwork would pop out. I did try to zoom in, and my application allows that but the text was hidden if a zoomed in. I highly recommend this book for children and for those who care for children.

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