The Wishing Stone

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Leaving her troubles behind, as well as her boyfriend, Tess heads to Montauk taking her canine companion Cooper and her wishing stone along for the ride. Once there, a relaxing walk on the beach turns to chaos when Cooper gets loose and is chased off by another dog. That’s when Tess meets Kai, a handsome stranger who also happens to be the frisky dog’s owner. All is well, that is until Tess realizes there were consequences to Kai’s dog’s actions which she now holds him responsible for. Kai does his best to make things right, but Tess has a lot on her mind and just isn’t interested. With her stay in Montauk soon coming to an end, time is running out for Tess to learn that in order to find things, we sometimes need to lose them.

My Review:

This is the second novel by Nici that I’ve read. She doesn’t disappoint. This novel has all the feels of love, loss, hope, perseverance, and humor. One must read about a wishing stone and how much influence it can have on your life. The “wishing stone” can fit more humans. Humanity needs wishing stones, little stones to remind us of the good things each person, but also how Polynesian stones are similar, yet different. I feel contented at this time. Five stars for such a moving story.

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