The Ice Rose by Liz Shaw

Liz’s bio and link:

Welcome to the world of my imagination. By day, I work as an administrative assistant at a behavioral health non-profit agency in Arizona. By night, my creative side comes out to play. My primary outlets are speaking, writing, fractals, and mixed media art.

My current work in progress is The Ice Rose, which began life during NaNoWriMo 2010. The idea for the novel sprang from a dream of graphic horror that I had in September of that year. In writing the first draft, I stripped nearly all of the horror out of it. It became more of a therapeutic writing exercise than a viable novel draft. After several unsuccessful attempts to “make it work,” in March 2010, I began the novel over again, this time 500 years earlier in the timeline of the story. On this site, you will find background information about the world, culture, and characters from The Ice Rose. Thank you for joining me in this journey to Alykan!

I am a Distinguished Toastmaster and the recipient of the 2010 Betty and Bob Gillis Youth Leadership Award from District 3 Toastmasters. I am the current District 3 Membership chair.

I have served as medical editor for Exceptional Parent magazine and am the author of  Rest in the Lord, a women’s Bible study based on Step 1 of Charlotte Kasl’s 16 Step recovery program.

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