Review: Walking Over Eggshells: Surviving Mental Abuse by Lucinda E Clarke


Walking Over Eggshells: Surviving Mental Abuse by Lucinda E Clarke

I have just finished reading “Walking Over Eggshells: Surviving Mental Abuse” by Lucinda E. Clarke and my review will follow Clarke’s book blurb on Amazon.

“Walking Over Eggshells is an autobiography that tells the story of a mentally abused child, who married a “Walter Mitty” clone. They moved from England to Kenya, from Libya to Botswana and on again to South Africa. It took all her courage to survive in situations that were at times dangerous, sometimes humorous, but always nerve wracking. She had a variety of jobs, different types of homes, and was both a millionairess and totally broke. She met royalty, hosted ambassadors, and won numerous awards for her writing and television programs. She also climbed over garbage dumps, fended off bailiffs, and coped being abandoned in the African bush with a seven-week-old baby with no money or resources. She admits to being the biggest coward in the world, but her survival instincts kicked in and she lived to tell her story. This book will make you laugh and cry and hopefully inspire others who did not have the best start in life either. All names have been changed to protect both the guilty and the innocent – and that includes the author as well!”

I have had this book for a while now and in order to decide which book I was going to read next, I spun my Kindle carousel and landed right here, on this book. With trepidation and a flow exhale of air, I started this book. I dreaded reading this book as I thought it would bring back my own PTSD and life of abuse, but I took the plunge! I felt a connection with Lucinda as both our mother’s had a narcissistic personality disorder. Despite Clarke’s home life, the life she led with her husband, who simply drifted from job to job, and the ongoing mental abuse from her mother – due to an ongoing adult relationship, Clarke arose victorious! Clarke’s career in writing and broadcasting is highly inspirational. Despite life situations, Clarke rose up to become extraordinary in her journey, and she is rich in her humanity! Within all the grief and sadness, Clarke wove uplifting pieces of her own motherhood, and adventures, which never satisfied her mother, sadly. Clarke maintains her self-esteem, something of which I struggle with to this very day, at age 56.

The pace is uneven in her story, and the descriptions in her narrative are well done. This well written narrative holds numerous messages that most everyone can take something away from this story, and apply it to their own lives, or the lives of others. I know writing this story had to have been cathartic for Clarke. Everyone wants love from their mother’s and some don’t ever receive it, sadly.

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