3 huge things you need to know to not f*ck up your book launch

Dan Alatorre

Pardon my asterisked French, but this post is going to be about as subtle as a slap in the face, OK? If you’re squeamish, Bail out now.

I mean, it’s still funny because it’s me, but I think a lot of people have been deluding themselves about certain things and it’s time for them to wake up.

Do you know why we call the release of the new book “a launch”?
Because it is very similar to launching a rocket.

Oh yeah? You mean like in the ’60s when the mercury program rockets exploded on the launch pad and killed everybody?


Hopefully not.

But maybe.

Let’s start with something only slightly less dangerous: bottle rockets that you might have played with as a kid on Fourth of July.
Sadly, most book launches are not like a bottle rocket launch. You light fuse and stand back for 10 seconds and…

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