Tuesday Chatter 74


The coffee’s brewing! Let’s have a cuppa, relax and discuss this and that. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those chats.

 Another year of oddities and surprises

  piggy banks in the red can’t buy bread

There’s no salvation as we still face inflation

deepening global recession, an awning of depression

 Patty Hearst kidnappers want to give to the poor

in the year nineteen seventy-four

Mother nature dittos her wrath

angered winds left a destructive path

Yep, the weather continues to amaze

fickleness is obvious its intent is hazed

As the population grows so do our woes

Invasions, famines, strikes, and disease

no wonder Mother earth has skinned knees

but there is still reason to raise our banner

with the development of the MRI scanner

The clock may be in charge

but our journies in time still at large


Pocket calculators start to appear…

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