Forward into a Distant Time and Place

Friday, July 19, 2002 Kudos

~ sent to me from Denny Lancaster aka The Faerie Keeper

Forward into a distant time and place,
a winged messenger was sent post haste;
A gift for ~Capt Dream Fairy~ whose poems excel,
and the words therein which cast a spell.

One of her recent poems was reflective,
so our gift to her must be quite selective;
Perhaps a line or two from Kublai Khan,
or an ancient manuscript of the ancient lexicon.

Neither of these gifts will do something new,
a treasure from the heart and claimed by few;
The promise of the Faerie Mother for continued light,
and protection throughout the darkness of night?

Perhaps the promise will do for a start,
and could be by this poem we have done our part;
But of her poetry we can be certain because true,
the gifts of writing and clarity are born only by a few.

–Denny Lancaster

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