Your Creativity & Art Will Not Go Away If You Take A Little Break

Writing With Hope

sunset Photo by: Sonyo Estavillo

Creative souls desperately yearn to create as often as possible. We are sensitive and often in touch with more emotions that others choose to bury. Some creative people are naturally prone to a little melancholy, as I touched upon in a previous post Pursing The Art: Depression & Creative Minds.

One of the biggest hurdles I find is that any free time that I have, I feel as if I should be creating something. I need to be writing, taking photos, videos, updating a blog, reading other bloggers and commenting. I have to be creating comments or reflecting on an edit I need to for a manuscript revision. No one places this pressure on me but me.

The drive to write is as natural as needing food to sustain my body. I bet some of you writers and artist can understand that hunger. If weโ€™re notโ€ฆ

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