6 years ago; cancer.

Rhythm In Life


Today April the 29th six years ago I went under the knife for a liver resection to take out a 22 centimeter cancerous tumor along with 80% of my liver.

That day even though my heart was at peace for myself, I was scared and hurting deep for my two babies that at that point I thought would have to grow up without their mother like I did. That thought was painful. And of course my husband, my groom, my best friend would have to live a long Life without me.

There I was on that little bed, all set to meet my maker; really, I thought that was going to be my day. In fact, my doctor didn’t think I would make it through and if I did, he believed I would need a liver transplant.  Well, after an 11 hour surgery procedure, I woke up the Intensive Care…

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