10 Do Not’s of Writing Etiquette

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Most of this post is focused on how writers should behave but is only my opinion. If you think something different, completely disagree, or think it’s pretentious for me to spout guidelines about how people should act, that is perfectly fine and is one of my rules.

In other news, I noticed I am pretty close to 300 WordPress followers, so once you are done, I’d really appreciate it if you hit the little button at the bottom of this page. Be warned, you will likely get updates on rants, stuff I have seen in the slush pile, and my general thoughts on the publishing industry. I tend to heavily slant toward traditional publishing (since I am an Associate Editor at a PodCastle) but occasionally I’ll have guests representing self-publishing and small press.

10 Do Not’s of Writing Etiquette

pexels-photo-1724911. People can have different opinions. This doesn’t make them stupid…

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