To Adverb Or Not To Adverb?

Writing your first novel-Things you should know

adverbsI do a lot of critiques for different writers during the week. Some of the writers are very polished; others, not so much.

The one thing I’ve noticed in all levels, is an abundance of adverbs. I must admit, I get jealous at how prettified some of those sentences read. I can’t write like that. My brain isn’t wired that way.

According to William Noble, many inexperienced writers, and I will add unpublished- but have been around the block a few times writers, throw in “pretty” words(adverbs or adjectives) to make their prose more dramatic and meaningful. These cosmetic touch-ups often turn out to be  redundant or simply uninspiring.

Adverbs bog down your story without adding meaning.

He zoomed around the oval speedily.-Is it possible to zoom without speeding?

He stutteredhaltingly.-Can you stutter without doing it haltingly?

Adverbs tell/ You want to show  Adverbs encourage lazy writing.

He whispered to herlovingly.

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