Ebooks and eyestrain: Eleven tips for newbies and old-timers. Now share your own wisdom.

Barry Marks of the Kindle Korner List, a long-time ebook fan and TeleRead commenter, has just shared a few tips for eyestrain reduction.

Among other things, he says his Galaxy S5 with a high-definition AMOLED screen lets him “read about twice as long without a break” as LCD phones do. But what else can ebook-lovers do? Here are 11 tips—some familiar to you possibly, others maybe not. So keep reading. These ideas work for me. I myself can read ebooks without interruption for just as long as I can paper ones. Let us know your own experiences with the tips below.

  1. Keep in mind your environment. Eyestrain may be less of a problem if you’re reading in a bright room. Position your phone, tablet, or dedicated ereader to avoid glare from the lighting.
  2. Consider the use of a frontlit E Ink reader, like the most Kindle models or the Kobos, so…

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