Heat Exhaustion

Heat Exhaustion ~ be aware ~ this happened to me Friday evening at the Ellsworth County Cancer Fund Event ~ Sudden ~ Without Warning!

Heat exhaustion occurs when your body overheats in response to external factors, like high temperature. Heat exhaustion can happen to anyone. It’s common in athletes, particularly those who exercise outdoors during extreme summer weather. It can also occur if you’re in a hot car or other indoor area that isn’t air-conditioned. Babies, small children, and older adults are more susceptible.

The symptoms of heat exhaustion can come on suddenly without warning, or they may creep up on you gradually. You may have one or several symptoms, including:

1. a drop in blood pressure when exerting yourself, such as moving from a sitting to a standing position, which can make you feel dizzy or lightheaded

2. dizziness

3. nausea

4. feeling faint or having the sense that you are going to black out ~ I thank God that Ethan Finke was there and noticed!

5. sweating profusely from many areas of the body moist, cool, or cold skin, coupled with goose bumps, even in extreme heat ~ I could not stop sweating

6. a pulse rate that becomes weak and rapid

7. headache

8. muscle cramping

If you have symptoms:

1. drink fluids, especially those with electrolytes

2. get to a cool place ~ our son took me home to air conditioning

3. have fans blowing cool air onto your body ~ even though our son was getting cold, I was still sweating and this continued for about an hour ~ until I was strong enough to get into a cool shower for an extended period of time

4. Seek medical attention if you don’t get relief.

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